Make Good Treble Sat. June 18 & Sun. June 19

Make Good Treble. It seemed like a good concert title at the time: we’re a choir that sings music written in the treble clef. We are rabble-rousers “making good trouble” as John Lewis said. The play on words was clever. It fit the bill for our newfound identity as a self-identifying women’s choir changing our name to embrace gender diversity.

And then all hell breaks loose, again. War, leaks from SCOTUS, more gun violence, the heat of nasty primary battles. All of a sudden that clever title, that play on words that seemed so appropriate now seems frivolous, even disrespectful.

We are pivoting, increasing our voice of activism in this concert to make it a time for us to stand shoulder to shoulder. The “arc of the moral universe… bends towards justice”*  – and we need to make sure it gets there.*

*Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


COVID Policy

We require all in-person attendees to wear masks completely covering the nose and mouth and show proof of vaccination. ANNA continually monitors risk levels in the Philadelphia area and will adjust precautionary measures as necessary.

Saturday June 18 – 7:30 pm
Sunday   June 19 – 4:00 pmCommunity Sing 1/2 hour before each performanceCenter City, Philadelphia
2110 Chestnut Street

and Live Streaming!

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Sliding Scale

You get to choose the price you pay for a ticket.

Please take a moment to review the guidelines here to help you. Paying as much as you are able allows us to cover the costs of producing a concert, pay a fair wage to our artistic director and accompanist, and help us continue to offer a sliding scale so everyone may enjoy our music.

This scale is a modification of the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

Decide for yourself

fff - fortississimo

  • I have discretionary income.
  • I am able to donate to causes that are important to me.
  • I am able to afford a vacation or take time off more than once a year.

$ 45 per ticket

ff - fortissimo

  • I am able to meet my basic needs comfortably.
  • I own or lease a car. I own my home -or- rent a comfortable property.
  • I have regular access to health care.
  • I work -or- I do not need to work to meet my needs.
  • I am able to afford an annual vacation or take time off.
  • I can buy coffee or tea at a shop, buy new clothes or books or similar items each month.

$ 35 per ticket

mf- mezzo-forte

  • I might have some stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them.
  • I have some debt but still, afford my basic needs.
  • I am employed.
  • I have access to transportation.
  • I buy some new clothes and thrift for others.
  • I can take a vacation every few years without a financial burden.

$ 20 per ticket

pp - pianissimo

  • I frequently have financial stress and sometimes do not attain my basic needs.
  • I do not have stable transportation.
  • I rent lower-end housing or unstable housing.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I have no or very little expendable income.
  • I rarely buy new things because I can’t afford them.
  • I cannot take a vacation because I need the money.

$10 per ticket

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