Keep Hope Alive Saturday December 14 & Sunday December 15

w/ special guests Sister Cities Girl Choir, Alysia Lee, Artistic Director

With selections from Björk, to Sweet Honey in the Rock, to Holly Near, to Diana Ross to a winner of the DeCapo Chamber Choir Competition,  ANNA is teaming up with Sister Cities Girl Choir to bring you a concert experience filled with energy and empathy, insight and exhilaration.  We are thrilled to welcome Artistic Director Alysia Lee and Sister Cities Girl Choir.


December 14 - 7:30 pm
December 15 - 4:00 pm

Community Sing 1/2 hour before each performance

Center City, Philadelphia
2110 Chestnut Street

Sliding Scale

You get to choose the price you pay for a ticket.

Please take a moment to review the guidelines here to help you. Paying as much as you are able allows us to cover the costs of producing a concert, pay a fair wage to our artistic director and accompanist, and help us continue to offer a sliding scale so everyone may enjoy our music.

This scale is a modification of the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

Decide for yourself

fff - fortississimo

  • I have discretionary income.
  • I am able to donate to causes that are important to me.
  • I am able to afford a vacation or take time off more than once a year.

$ 45 per ticket

ff - fortissimo

  • I am able to meet my basic needs comfortably.
  • I own or lease a car. I own my home -or- rent a comfortable property.
  • I have regular access to health care.
  • I work -or- I do not need to work to meet my needs.
  • I am able to afford an annual vacation or take time off.
  • I can buy coffee or tea at a shop, buy new clothes or books or similar items each month.

$ 35 per ticket

mf- mezzo-forte

  • I might have some stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them.
  • I have some debt but still, afford my basic needs.
  • I am employed.
  • I have access to transportation.
  • I buy some new clothes and thrift for others.
  • I can take a vacation every few years without a financial burden.

$ 20 per ticket

pp - pianissimo

  • I frequently have financial stress and sometimes do not attain my basic needs.
  • I do not have stable transportation.
  • I rent lower-end housing or unstable housing.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I have no or very little expendable income.
  • I rarely buy new things because I can't afford them.
  • I cannot take a vacation because I need the money.

$10 per ticket

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