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ANNA Family Reunion Saturday Dec. 11, 2021 7:30 pm

What’s a family reunion without singing? Not much! Join us, masked and vaccinated, in our ANNA return to the stage with you, our extended family. We’ve got some old favorites planned, some new songs that we learned while in lock down, and plenty for you to join us on. 

Live PerformanceCome in person!Saturday – December 11, 2021
7:30 pmCenter City, Philadelphia
2110 Chestnut StreetMasks Required.

Watch the Concert OnlineThis concert will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube.Saturday – December 11, 2021
7:30 pmFacebook LinkYouTube Link

Safety Matters

  • We are checking for proof of vaccination (over age 12) or a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the time of performance (12 and under.)
  • We will be asking to see this proof at the door.
  • All guests will need to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth at all times.

Accessibility Matters

  • Sign language interpretation will be provided.
  • This is an accessible venue with reserved seating up front for those who need special access and clear sight lines.

The Environment Matters

  • The program for the Family Reunion will be available online and not in paper form.

We are not selling tickets for this concert.

You may notice that there is no button to buy tickets.  We will be giving you an opportunity to give a goodwill offering or donate to ANNA now and during the performance.

If you are considering a goodwill offering, please take a moment to review the guidelines here to help you . Paying as much as you are able allows us to cover the costs of producing a concert, pay a fair wage to our artistic director and accompanist, and helps us continue to offer a sliding scale so everyone may enjoy our music.

This scale is a modification of the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

Goodwill Offering

fff - fortississimo

  • I have discretionary income.
  • I am able to donate to causes that are important to me.
  • I am able to afford a vacation or take time off more than once a year.

$ 45 per ticket

ff - fortissimo

  • I am able to meet my basic needs comfortably.
  • I own or lease a car. I own my home -or- rent a comfortable property.
  • I have regular access to health care.
  • I work -or- I do not need to work to meet my needs.
  • I am able to afford an annual vacation or take time off.
  • I can buy coffee or tea at a shop, buy new clothes or books or similar items each month.

$ 35 per ticket

mf- mezzo-forte

  • I might have some stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them.
  • I have some debt but still, afford my basic needs.
  • I am employed.
  • I have access to transportation.
  • I buy some new clothes and thrift for others.
  • I can take a vacation every few years without a financial burden.

$ 20 per ticket

pp - pianissimo

  • I frequently have financial stress and sometimes do not attain my basic needs.
  • I do not have stable transportation.
  • I rent lower-end housing or unstable housing.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I have no or very little expendable income.
  • I rarely buy new things because I can’t afford them.
  • I cannot take a vacation because I need the money.

$10 per ticket

8 comments on “ANNA Family Reunion Saturday Dec. 11, 2021 7:30 pm

  1. I was a member of Anna Crusis in 1975 to about 1978 when I moved out of the area. I currently live in Silver Spring, MD just outside of DC with my husband Pat. I am thrilled to attend the concert virtually.

    1. We will be livestreaming to Facebook and YouTube. The live links will be on the home page of this website. See you then!

  2. Hello! I’m in town and would love to be there 🙂 Is there limited space? Is there a way to reserve a spot or should we just show up?
    Ellis (formerly known as Yael Sop 1)

    1. Hey there! So glad to hear from you. Just show up! We will be checking vaccination records and you must be masked. It’s a big venue so we can spread out. See you there!

  3. I remember attending several concerts of the Choir back in 1980’s. A wonderful person, Barbara Bushing introduced us to the choir in Philadelphia. Attempting to locate this song-bird. A Beautiful Choir.

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