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or 40 continuous years, ANNA has acted as an agent of social change by empowering, challenging, and uplifting audiences with music that inspires, provokes, delights, and transforms. ANNA is a charter member of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA), which is the world's only association committed to serving the LGBT choral movement and comprises over 170 choruses and more than 8,000 singers across the United States, Mexico, and Canada (www.galachoruses.org). ANNA is also a member of Sister Singers Network, a cooperative web of feminist choruses and ensembles, composers, arrangers, and individual singers working together to support and enrich the women's choral
movement (www.sistersingers.net).


ANNA has a rich history & promising future.

ANNA singers in DC for women's march - 2017

What you can expect

Who we are?

We are feminists from across the greater Philadelphia area with a passion for creating a powerful performance experience. For over 40 years, diverse women have joined together in song - building community, changing lives and singing out for justice. Recently, we are finding room for singers whose gender identities are more diverse.

Our name

ANNA takes its name from the Greek word "anacrusis," a word used in music to describe an "upbeat" or "feminine" entrance to a phrase. Physically, it may be described as the precise moment of anticipation and exhilaration which occurs as a singer takes a quick, deep breath before vocalizing.

Our purpose

We sing to celebrate the diversity of our lives and culture; to find communion; to nurture and sustain; to comfort and to heal; to open hearts and minds, and to struggle together for a just and compassionate world.

Our philosophy

Music is the currency of hope.

Our culture

Diverse. Inclusive. Magic.

Our passion

Musical excellence. Social change.

ANNA members posing as human statues.

Join us!

With few exceptions, all of our good work is performed by volunteer singers and non-singing volunteers. Non-singing volunteers are members of our "5th section". These folks help with production, database management, fundraising and more! Anyone can contribute to our community and mission. We have a place for you.