ANNA At-A-Glance

For over 40 continuous years, the singers of Anna Crusis Women’s Choir have acted as an agent of social change by empowering, challenging and uplifting audiences with music that inspires, provokes, delights and informs.

Anna Crusis Women’s Choir is committed to musical excellence and social change. We sing to celebrate the diversity of women's lives and culture; to find communion; to nurture and sustain; to comfort and to heal; to open hearts and minds; and to struggle together for a just and compassionate world.

  • ANNA is a premier performing arts group in the greater Philadelphia region, supporting critical causes including promoting peace, guarding reproductive rights, ending poverty, achieving gender equality, supporting the LGBTQ community, fighting rape and abuse - anywhere that music can bring a sense of empowerment and hope.
  • ANNA stands alone as a musical community where women from all walks of life, musical experiences, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, racial and religious heritages can come together, united in the desire to create a place where they feel safe and supported.
  • ANNA is a charter member of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA), which is the world's only association committed to serving the LGBT choral movement and comprises over 170 choruses and more than 8,000 singers across the United States, Mexico, and Canada (
  • ANNA is proud of her dedication to giving gay and straight women alike a place to honor community, music, and social justice.
  • ANNA has been a home for hundreds of women wanting community, friendship, support, in short, family: a home where music binds them together, music that promotes a mission they can believe in.  


Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls
Women's Leadership Forum of the DNC and the Five County Democratic Women's Coalition
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding at the United Nations
Women’s Way
Planned Parenthood
Women Organized Against Rape
Penn Global Centers, International Women's Day
Philadelphia Pride Festivals
National Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Carnegie Hall
Gloria Steinem Tribute 
Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia
Kimmel Center, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts