What does Holly Near say about ANNA?

Holly Near close up

"For people who haven't been to hear ANNA Crusis, often times we think of choral music as being very classical and proper. And with all due respect, these gals are not proper, they're very get down, feet on the ground kind of women singers, very strong, with a great sense of humor and commitment to humanity and to social change." 


"It's pretty much a rip-roaring night."


"That's what ANNA Crusis does - they take very high level choral singing and then bring real earth to it, real real down-to-earth, everyday living - the combination of good poetry, good politics and good music. When great social change intent comes together with musical quality - Then you've really got something."


"We build a movement by bringing a friend or a neighbor. It's important to invite each other to ourselves. "


"When I hear ANNA Crusis, the well-rehearsed sound lifts me above the literal, and we, the audience, are invited to dream about the footprints we follow and the footprints we leave behind. For me, singing is an inside job and then I open my mouth and externalize that which I have learned up to this moment. I feel that when I hear ANNA Crusis sing. They have done their homework so there is nothing shallow about the sound they offer. They sing all they know with the promise that they will continue to learn, continue to sing."