Sliding Scale

ANNA Crusis Women's Choir is returning to a sliding scale for our ticket sales. A sliding scale seems to best illuminate our values of accessibility and inclusivity at this time. We will not have discount codes available.

This policy relies on our audience to be honest in selecting the level that best describes them. Please take a moment to review the below graphic before determining which level ticket to purchase.

Paying as much as you are able allows us to cover the costs of producing a concert, pay a fair wage to our artistic director and accompanist, and helps us continue to offer a sliding scale so everyone may enjoy our music. If $10 is still too high for you to be able to afford to attend the concert, please email us. If you are able, please consider adding a donation to your ticket purchase to help us cover expenses so we can continue to offer a sliding scale.

Sliding scale chart from $35 - $10, depending on a person's financial situation.